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Pefectly Normal Behavior

by Bri Rudd

Perfectly Normal Behavior is a comic collection about snacks, anxiety, snack anxiety, and how living alone can make you get all weird. Also, there's a pie recipe.

2017, 48 pgs

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by Bri Rudd, Ginger Dee, and Chris Ludden

Over 100 pages of movie ideas TOO AWESOME for Hollywood. ...because they’re jokes. In this book you’ll find comics, prose, scripts, and even reviews of the best movies that we’d never seriously want see to get made. Unless you’ve got big studio money to throw around. We’re overflowing with artistic integrity but we’ve also got mortgages. We accept wire transfers, most major credit cards, and personal checks.

2017, 124 pgs


Cooking With Bri

by Bri Rudd

Entrees! Side Dishes! Fancy Party Snacks! Grocery Store Hacks! All this and more totally aren't in this book because meal planning stresses me out. Join me in my land of scrambled eggs and magic.

2015, 12pgs

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Super Cool Kid

by Bri Rudd

A comics collection about brownie rules, peace of mind, and high quality 80's movie references.

2015, 8 pgs